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Background Science:

Do digital devices really put our eyes at risk?

Dr Shelby Temple, PhD, a visual neuroscientist, has spent the last two decades investigating the way the visual system detects and responds to light. Here he explores the impact of digital devices on our eyes.
Time: 24:36
Prerequisites: None. 


Is blue light damaging?

Dr Shelby Temple takes you through the underlying principles, the current research in this area and the role of macular pigments so that you can decide for yourself.
Time: 47:09  
Prerequisites: None. 


Quick Start Course:

Quick Start 1. Why assess macular pigments?

This video discussed the benefits of assessing macular pigments in your practice.
Time: 5:12  


Quick Start 2. The Patients’ Experience

This video takes you through the MP-examination from your patients’ point of view so that you can understand how best to get the best results from each examination.
Time: 6:10  


Quick Start 3. Running an MP-eye examination

This video explains how to explain the examination to a patient and how to run the examination from start to finish.
Time: 9:50  


Quick Start 4. Recommendations for those with low levels of natural protection

This video talks about what a low score on the MP-eye means and how those with low macular pigmentation can protect their eyes.
Time: 4:57  


Quick Start 5.

Interpreting the results

This video explains the what the result of the MP-eye examination means, and how to advise the patient so that they get the maximum benefit from the examination.  
Time: 10:14  


An example examination

This video demonstrates a real life examination so that you can understand the process from start to finish.
Time: 3:14  
Prerequisites: Running an MP-eye examination


Software Releases:

What’s new in Version 3.5 of the MP-eye software?

This short video runs you through the new features in 3.5 of the MP-eye software.
[Click here] to download from the google play store from 1 Sept 2020.
Time: 2:54  
Prerequisites: None.